Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stress Cracks

Have you ever had a "Stress Crack"? This is what people are told when they have a window with a crack appear after having new or replacement windows installed. It can show up anywhere in the next few years. You probably will be told that it is caused by the structure has settled. This is totally "FALSE". The cause of this problem is in the manufacturing of the window. At the time the glass is installed in the frame ( at the factory ) debri in the air or small particles in the air will fall between the glass and the frame and will get lodged in the application and the glass will be sealed to the frame ready to be assembled and shipped to the home-owner. Now what happens?After the window is installed in the dwelling or structure everything is is cleaned up and paid for and everyone is happy. So how did this little crack get started? Here's your answer: Once you start having changes in the temperature inside and outside the glass will begin to expand and contract. ( Caused by heat and cold ). Once this change starts it will put pressure on that small particle and cause the glass to crack. Most manufactures will not warranty this after 6 months or a season change.This is in reality a "SEAL FAILURE" and should be addressed as that.

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