Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Insulated Siding

One of the newest innovations in the vinyl siding industry is insulated siding. This product, such as our Napco American Essence panel, provides an array of added benefits over a traditional siding panel.
Some of the benefits include increasing the R-Value of the exterior walls 25%. A typical exterior wall surface is 10% wall stud edges - an area left unprotected by conventional in-wall insulation. Insulated siding puts a blanket of insulation over those areas, decreasing thermal transfer, making your home more comfortable. Thus, lowering your power bill.
Another benefit is impact resistance. One of the downfalls of conventional siding is that it is susceptible to cracking or chipping due to sudden impact such as weed eaters or flying rocks from lawn mowers. With the molded insulation laminated to the back of the panel, combined with a thicker premium vinyl siding provides superior impact resistance.
With these two added features, along with a single 7" width and a double 6" width and 14 beautiful colors to chose from, insulated siding is the smart choice.

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