Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking for fiber cement siding with NO maintenence?

If you love the look of fiber cement siding or Hardie Plank siding as many refer to it but do not want the terrible maintenance that is involved, Prestige Enclosures has the solution!
Cedar Plank Siding by Novik gives you the beautiful look of fiber cement siding but in a solid PVC panel. Our Cedar Plank siding is an injection molded product that is 100% color-thru with UV inhibitors that prevent discoloration. With 25 standard colors, you are sure to find something that fits the look that is ideal for you home. You will never have to paint this product, it is truly maintenance free!
Another added benefit is the lapping of panels. On traditional fiber cement product, the only way to join to panels together is to butt the two panels together causing an area that has to be caulked every few years. Then, it has to be painted every 5 years to keep the finish. With our Cedar Plank Siding, the ends of the panel have been milled down allowing the panel to be lapped like traditional vinyl siding. This creates a water tight, maintenance free covering for your home that will last forever. Please check out the link below and get more information, including pictures of this beautiful siding.

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